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We are a new kind of Financial Planning business that is focused on delivering direct, comprehensive and unbiased financial advice to those unwilling to settle for an ordinary life.​

Our Clients


You are someone who wants to live a full life, not spend your days passing time on the couch.


You take life by the horns and are not afraid to go after what you want.  Even if that means making some sacrifices along the way.


You value others and care about making the community a better place.

Are you curious about your financial health?

We have developed a quick but in-depth Financial Health Check self-assessment that will check how you are doing in six key areas of your financial life.  The best part is, this check is not just done by computers!  We review each report and personalize them for your unique situation.

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Our Services


Designed for those just starting out, we’ll help you establish a firm financial foundation to achieve your dreams on your terms.


Our flagship offering.  The comprehensive package will give you a plan for all areas of your financial life.


Offering Group RRSP packages, Financial Education workshops and Financial Planning for Employees.

If you’d like to chat further with us about working together, all you you have to do is decide which one of us you’d like to have your initial conversation with!

Using the integrated booking tool below, find a time that works for you, and a meeting will automatically be created with Russ or Kevin.  Once the meeting has been set, we will follow-up with you to confirm the location.

Looking forward to chatting further!

When not spending his time helping clients hack their way to financial freedom, Kevin is a big believer of living life to the fullest and values experiences of material goods.  He is a born and raised Calgarian and proud Canadian.

Some of Kevin’s favourite activities include:

  • Travelling the world, with a current country count of 32, soon to be 33 with New Zealand in January 2018.
  • Racing in triathlons, with a goal of completing the Ironman Canada in Whistler in July 2018.
  • Tracking and quantifying his way to an optimal life with many tools and spreadsheets.


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Russ is one of those odd balls who loves numbers, spreadsheets, and dungeons & dragons! “Good things come in threes,” he says! Russ is also a husband and a father to one very happy little two year-old.

A little more about Russ:

  • After a bad experience with a financial advisor, he knew there had to be a better way to help people with their money which led him into a career in financial planning.
  • He loves local, craft beer to the point he began making it with his wife and friends. After a year of fun brewing and taste testing they decided to leave it to the experts.
  • His latest hobby is baking. For his son’s 2nd birthday party, he was inspired by Momofuku Milk Bar’s Birthday Cake.  Making his own version with a few small tweaks and it turned out to be a crowd pleaser. Most importantly, the little birthday boy liked it.


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What our clients are saying

“With the plan we’ve created, I’m going to be able to pay off my $30,000 student loan in only two years, something that I didn’t think was possible in such a short period of time.”

– Adam Patterson, 33

“Russ’ wealth of knowledge and professionalism wowed me, but not once did he judge me for being overly distressed about my financial situation.”

– Michelle B, 32

“I’ve worked with Kevin for two years and I can recommend Kevin as someone to talk to who will listen and deal with your specific needs, not try to force you into a general box.”

– Mark B, 48

“I own a startup business and had no idea what I was doing with my personal finances until I chatted with Kevin & Russ.”

– Lindsay MacNevin, 32

“Russ did some digging around and discovered that by investing through our bank, potentially over $10,000 would be wasted on fees before our son graduates high school!

– Kyle D, 30

We believe in complete transparency and honesty in our services.  Below are some common questions we receive.

How are you paid?

We operate under a fee only model, which means our only source of revenue is you, our client.  We do not take any commissions from selling products or referral fees for sending you to partners.

Will Finovo always put their clients interests first?

Everyone at Finovo has signed a Finduciary Oath which formalizes our commitment to always put our clients interests ahead of our own.  This means clients interests will always come first and there will never be any conflicts of interest in the advice provided.

I don't live in Calgary, can I still hire someone from Finovo?

We are happy to offer virtual financial planning services to all of our clients.  This means we can work with anyone in Canada (outside of Québec), and you can work with us from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

How can a financial planner help me?

A quality financial planner can help you:

  • Develop a clear and actionable plan to help you achieve your financial goals.
  • Push you to take action and hold you accountable.
  • Answer questions, resolve fears, keep you on track during the ups and downs in the market.
  • Save you time.
  • Help you reduce debt, cut expenses and/or improve overall investment returns.
  • Ensure that you do nothing when nothing is the right thing to do.
What questions should I ask a financial planner?
  • What services do you offer?
  • How are you compensated?
  • How much do you charge for Financial Planning services?
  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What makes your style of Financial Planning distinct?
  • Will I be working with you, or a variety of people?
  • What Financial Planning certifications do you have?
  • How often would we be in contact?
  • What is your philosophy regarding investing?
What are some warning signs of a financial planner I should avoid?
  • Makes promises that sound too good to be true. Ex: High return with no risk
  • Offers guaranteed return.
  • Does not have any recognized designations (CFP, Level One Certified or CFA).
  • Constantly trying to sell you products instead of offering advice.
  • Uses big words, offers complex solutions and/or tries to confuse you and make finances sound super complex.
  • Encourages the use of risky strategies like leveraged investments or remortgaging your home to invest.
  • Tries to recruit you to become a Financial Planner as well as invest with them.
  • Does not provide a written agreement or engagement letter that outlines the services that will be provided.

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