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Finovo's financial coaching helps develop healthy financial habits through delivering Direct, Comprehensive, and Unbiased Advice to INCREASE YOUR SAVINGS RATE, PAY DOWN DEBT, and REDUCE YOUR STRESS AROUND MONEY. In other words, we simplify your financial life.

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Financial Action Plans Built Exactly To Your Needs

With a well developed and personalized financial action plan, you will able to create a life of freedom and flexibility on your terms.

In addition, having a financial action plan can also:

  • Help increase your cash flow
  • Ensure you are saving for the future
  • Apply your values to where you're spending your money


Our Specialties

We help where Canadians need it the most

Financial Action Plans

Entrepreneur Financial Plans

Windfall Planning

Investment Fee Reviews

Crisis-Resistant Budgeting

Organization of Documents

Estate Planning Overview

Insurance Review

Education Savings Planning

Support & Accountibility

Financial Coaching Sessions

Gain Some Focus
in your Finances

We see the same concerns from people who come to us for financial coaching: they have difficulty separating their business finances from their personal finances, they are interested in starting a family and want to get their financial situation in order, they feel like no matter what they do, they can’t get ahead, or the bills keep adding up along with the stress.


Above all, Finovo is here to help.


We'll work together to organize and clarify your current financial documents.

Goal Planning

A written and clear overview of your goals will help determine what steps are needed. 

Plan Development

An action plan will be developed and refined in order to show next steps.

Support You

Finovo will support you following the action plan in order to ensure success.

No Bullshit Advice

Your Money Strategists

Finovo's mission and passion is to identify the main problem or challenge you are facing and then outline the solution. We will provide you with clear and aligned actions and behaviours – all with a focus on achieving your personal financial goals. Sometimes that plan is all a person like yourself needs, and yet others could use extra motivation and help, so we follow through every step of the way.

You can feel more confident with your money and get a handle on where your paycheques are going in order to start saving toward that big bucket list item on your wish list.


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Get Control of Your Money Today!

Reduce your stress