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Having worked closely with many individuals and families, we’re familiar with the financial challenges that arise as your life, career and passions change.

At Finovo | Fee-Only Financial Planning, we strive to be there as someone who not only understands the ins and outs of your financial picture, but can offer meaningful insight to guide you forward.

Our Approach

Our proven workflow

We work with you to build a well-developed and personalized plan that takes into account your values, needs, objectives, and goals so you can create a life of freedom and flexibility on your terms.


We’ll start with an introductory call to get to know you, understanding your concerns and goals, and ensuring there is a mutual fit between you and our team.


Next we’ll have a discussion about the data surrounding your finances and review your current financial situation and status as it relates to the goals previously discussed.


Before the plan is finished, we’ll review the recommended options and either start the process to implement them, or alter the plan to ensure success.

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Build Confidence In Your Financial Future

The future is impossible to predict and because of this a straightforward financial action plan is critical for success. At Finovo Wealth, we listen and collaborate with you to create customized plans that align with your goals. We are here to help those who are looking for general direction and guidance in their financial decisions.

My husband and I came to Russ to help us make a financial plan to meet our retirement goals, and what we got out of our meeting was that and much, much more. We were so pleased with the service we received, his attention to detail and general care towards us was a breath of fresh air. He gave us such valuable insight that we would have never been able to do on our own. We tried to get this type of financial advice from [big Canadian bank] and were disappointed at the biased advice we were given from the bank, so it was a relief to get real, honest advice. Thank you for your help Russ, we are so appreciative!

Julianne W.

Unbiased Advice

Your Best Interest Is Our Only Interest

Finovo Wealth refuses to accept commissions on product sales and never takes custody of your money. We want what’s best for you so you are able to clearly focus on reaching your financial goals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does professional financial planning really make a difference?

Research shows that Canadians with financial plans feel they are saving more, living well, and experiencing higher levels of overall contentment in their lives. The Value of Financial Planning, a three-year longitudinal study which included close to 15,000 Canadians, was commissioned by FPSC and the Financial Planning Foundation.

What questions should I ask a financial service provider?
  • What services do you offer?
  • How are you compensated?
  • How much do you charge for your services?
  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What makes your style distinct?
  • Will I be working with you, or a variety of people?
  • How often would we be in contact?
Why is it important to deal with a CFP® professional?
With a focus on all aspects of your finances, a financial planner impacts your financial well-being and your ability to meet life goals, today and in the future. Yet in most Canadian provinces, there is no legislated standard in place for those who offer financial planning services. With the exception of Quebec, people who call themselves financial planners are not required to obtain any credentials whatsoever.

The CFP® designation provides assurance that the design of your financial future rests with an appropriately qualified professionals who will put clients’ interests ahead of their own.

What does it mean to be FEE-ONLY?

As fee-only financial planners, we don’t receive any fees, commissions, referral fees, kickbacks or any other hidden forms of compensation. We are solely compensated by our clients for financial planning engagements.

Currently in Canada, there is estimated to be over 90,000 financial planners / advisors and less than 200 are fee-only financial planners, roughly 0.222%.

How is Finovo compensated?

We operate under a fee-only model, which means our only source of revenue is from our clients. We do not take any commissions from selling products or referral fees for sending you to partners.

How much investments do I need to have in order to work with Finovo?

We are a fee-only financial planning firm. Projects are billed based on the time estimated to provide the advice you are looking for. While we have no minimums, initial projects typically range from 8 to 20+ hours, depending on the range of questions and how simple or complex your situation is. Subsequent projects, again depending on their scope, are often less involved than the initial plan.

Once my financial plan or project is finished, will our relationship end?

Not necessarily, only the services specified in our Letter of Enagement will cease. We leave it up to you to contact us as further needs arise. However, we believe that good fiscal health requires periodic reviews of your personal finances by a qualified financial advisor.

What if I want to do my own investing or need to buy investment or insurance products?

Finovo doesn’t sell products, only our time and our expertise. Yet we do offer specific recommendations and opinions on various strategies and services that may be appropriate for your situation, and in turn can advise you where to obtain those products or services. If appropriate and at your request, we also can help with plan implementation.

I don't live in Calgary, can I still work with Finovo?

We are happy to offer virtual financial planning services to all of our clients. This means we can work with anyone in Canada, and you can work with us from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

What are some warning signs of a financial planner should I watch out for??
  • Makes promises that sound too good to be true (ex: high return with no risk)
  • Offers guaranteed return
  • Does not have any recognized designations (CFP, QAFP, R.F.P. or CFA)
  • Constantly trying to sell you products instead of offering advice
  • Uses big words, offers complex solutions and/or tries to confuse you and make finances sound super complex
  • Encourages the use of risky strategies like leveraged investments or remortgaging your home to invest
  • Tries to recruit you to become a Financial Planner as well as invest with them
  • Does not provide a written agreement or engagement letter that outlines the services that will be provided

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