At Finovo, our core values are more than words; they're the heart of our journey with you toward financial serenity. Each conversation, plan, and review is a step towards securing your financial future, crafted with a personal touch. Discover why Finovo is your trusted partner in financial planning.

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Stepping Forward with Assurance: Your Partnership for Financial Security

At Finovo, our expertise in tailoring financial plans for busy professional couples across Canada comes not only from our professional experience but also from navigating the same life stages. We deeply grasp the unique challenges and aspirations associated with home ownership, forming new partnerships, expanding your family, and navigating other significant life milestones.

Our mission is to simplify the crucial first steps toward enhancing your financial landscape and alleviating stress. We navigate you through the complexities of personal finance, empowering you to make informed decisions that harmonize with your ambitions.

Choose Finovo for a fee-only, advice-only approach that ensures unbiased recommendations with your best interests at heart. Our Certified Financial Planner designation is a testament to our expertise and unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch financial guidance.

*Excluding the Province of Quebec.

Will Wearing
Will Wearing
Russ was fantastic! Having a professional to lean on for financial advice that isn't trying to sell us something was exactly what we were looking for. He's personable, knowledgeable and politely points out a lack of knowledge/understanding which was EXACTLY what we needed. 10/10 recommend
Ian Preston
Ian Preston
Russ was both personable and knowledgeable. Great service!
Taylor Guy
Taylor Guy
Russ was very personable and professional. He worked hard to understand our financial goals as a couple and shared practical strategies we could use right away. We plan to use him again in the future and would recommend him to our friends and family.
Taylor Schenk
Taylor Schenk
Russ has done a great job of helping us navigate a variety of financial questions including optimizing savings, investment strategies, and home purchasing. He has also taken the time to follow up and respond to questions beyond our initial consult which has been greatly appreciated. Highly recommend.
Johnny Reid
Johnny Reid
My wife and I have implemented all the advice we received from Russ. It was so helpful having an outside voice guide us on financial issues. We feel much more comfortable with our financial future after his advice! Thanks Russ!
Julianne Wieclawek
Julianne Wieclawek
My husband and I came to Russ to help us make a financial plan to meet our retirement goals, and what we got out of our meeting was that and much, much more. We were so pleased with the service we received, his attention to detail and general care towards us was a breath of fresh air. He gave us such valuable insight that we would have never been able to do on our own. We tried to get this type of financial advice from RBC and were disappointed at the biased advice we were given from the bank, so it was a relief to get real, honest advice. Thank you for your help Russ, we are so appreciative!
Shawn Johnson
Shawn Johnson
I'm an entrepreneur going through the up's and downs of finances, amongst other things... It's good to know people like you exist to serve people like me. These guys know what they're doing. Russ provided great guidance regarding my financial plan. To your success!
If you want to talk to patient and knowledgeable financial advisors and get answers to all your questions, Finovo is the number one place to go.
Stephanie Hoogveld
Stephanie Hoogveld
Russ is so fantastic! I attended an hour workshop with him and in that time he provided excellent resources and examples on how to increase my savings by making simple adjustments in my day to day spending. He also advised me on how my fiance and I could work together to set financial goals and build a plan to achieve them. Russ is incredibly knowledgable and I look forward to working with him more in the future!
Connor Trendov
Connor Trendov
Kevin and Russ are both extremely knowledgeable and genuine. During my focused financial session with Kevin he provided me a ton of valuable insight and a custom action plan to help me achieve my financial goals. Very thankful for the advice and highly recommend the investment.
About Finovo: Upholding Fiduciary Excellence

At Finovo, we perceive financial planning as a pathway to enriched lives. As proud founding members of the Financial Planning Association of Canada (FPAC), we champion transforming financial planning into a realm of proficient practitioners bound by superior ethical and fiduciary standards.

Our Fiduciary Pledge

Our fiduciary stance transcends legal duty; it embodies a profound commitment to prioritize our clients’ interests. Our practices, grounded in transparency, prudence, and diligence, aim to transcend fiduciary benchmarks. Regular audits and FPAC’s stringent ethical framework ensure our advisors’ accountability.
Choosing Finovo equates to entrusting a legally and morally obligated advisor dedicated to your welfare. It’s a choice for trust, integrity, and forward-looking partnership.

We acknowledge the contrasting financial advice you might encounter from family, colleagues, or online. At Finovo, our mission is to demystify your financial journey, furnishing precise, actionable steps. Whether envisioning a home purchase, savings for various financial objectives, or managing sudden financial gains, we are your steadfast allies. Let’s collaboratively lay a robust financial groundwork, ushering a future of lesser stress and heightened security.

Core Values

Our Pledge to You

At Finovo, our core values are not mere phrases—they're the guiding principles shaping every step of our journey with you towards financial serenity. Every discussion, plan, and review is a stride towards securing your financial future, curated with a personal touch. Here’s why Finovo stands as your dependable companion in financial planning:
young black woman holding onto books and smiling into the distance against a wall


We adhere to the highest ethical standards, laying a solid foundation of trust and credibility that you can rely on.
30-something caucasian heterosexual couple holding each other in their new home

Unbiased Guidance

Our commitment to independence ensures a path free of conflicts of interest, paving the way for genuine, advice-only financial planning.


Your aspirations are at the heart of our operations. We strive to align every decision with your long-term satisfaction, nurturing a bond that grows with time.

Continuous Support

We're here to provide ongoing support, helping you adapt to life’s twists and ensuring your financial strategies evolve accordingly.
Professional millennial woman on her bike
Our Professional Network: Your Extended Team

At Finovo, we understand that achieving financial well-being often requires specialized expertise beyond financial planning. That’s why we have cultivated a network of trusted professionals to support your unique needs. 

From legal advice to tax planning, we’ve got you covered.

**Note: We do not accept referral payments for any referrals, ensuring that our advice remains unbiased and centred around your best interests.

CPAs for intricate tax situations and planning.

For estate planning, wills, and legal advice.

For ensuring you and your loved ones are well-protected.

For investment management and specialized strategies.

For managing day-to-day financial records.

For property investment and management.

For securing the best rates and terms for property loans, and mortgage strategy.

For professional development and career advancement.

About Russ

colour photo of Russ Dyck, Fee-Only Financial Planner from Calgary, Alberta

Russ Dyck, CFP®

Have you ever had an experience that set you on an entirely unexpected path? Russ’ journey to becoming a passionate advocate for financial empowerment began with a misstep – being misled by an Investment Salesperson.

This pivotal moment prompted him to delve deep into the world of finance and the intricacies of the financial industry. He was determined to equip myself with the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure that others wouldn’t find themselves in the same position he had been. This quest for understanding led him back to the classroom, where I pursued my undergraduate degree, even while pursuing a different career. I was driven by an unwavering desire to grasp the nuances of finance inside out.

As he continued his journey, he couldn’t help but notice a paradigm shift happening in the financial world, particularly in the United States. Young financial planners were revolutionizing the industry. They were offering independent, commission-free advice, a stark contrast to the traditional model that often relied on selling investments and insurance for commissions. This fresh perspective inspired him and solidified his commitment to doing things differently.

Today, he’s harnessed his knowledge, experience, and passion to serve as your financial guide. He’s here to offer you transparent, independent, and tailored financial advice, helping you navigate your unique financial journey with confidence.

His goal, and Finovo’s goal, is to empower you to make informed decisions, safeguard your financial future, and create a life that aligns with your dreams and aspirations. Together, explore the possibilities and chart a course to financial success.

We look forward to being your partner on this exciting journey to financial freedom.

What Russ Brings to the Table

  • CFP® Professional 
  • Founding Member of Financial Planning Association of Canada (FPAC) 
  • Member of 100 Men Who Give a Damn Calgary
  • Helping people with their finances, and proudly independent in the financial industry since 2015
  • Diverse and Inclusive, Welcoming All Orientations, Identities, and Cultural Backgrounds.

A Few Fun Facts

  • Russ is happily married to his wonderful spouse Kristen, and they are the proud parents of two amazing kids.
  • He is an ardent fan of Dad Rock and vinyl records.
  • A coffee enthusiast and is usually within arm’s reach of a cup.
  • Russ loves embarking on outdoor adventures, and the family is often skiing, camping, or exploring nature with their pup, Mac.
  • For a very, very, very, short period of time when he was 5, Russ had a pet rattlesnake.

Start your journey towards financial well-being today.

Ready to make a change? Book your complimentary introductory call with us now.

Start your journey towards
financial well-being today.

Ready to make a change? Book your complimentary introductory call with us now.

Start your journey towards
financial well-being today.

Ready to make a change? Book your complimentary introductory call with us now.