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Don't add Financial Stress to the Happiest Day of Your Life!

Work with a Financial Coach and remove money stress from your Wedding planning


We’ll help you build a personalized plan so you can keep the costs of your big day in check and be ready to combine finances with your new spouse.  Wedding Planning is stressful enough, let us help you relieve some of that burden.



Along with helping you budget for your wedding, we’ll also help you prepare to merge your financial lives together.  We’ll walk you through some of the best practices, review where you are at right now and answer any questions you have.

So… What’s Included?

Meet your Coaches…

Kevin has been a self-professed personal finance geek since reading The Wealthy Barber back in junior high school.  Throughout his time in the corporate world Kevin often found himself helping friends and family with their financial challenges, and decided to make it his business in 2015.  Since then he has been helping people achieve their financial goals and find more happiness full time.  When not helping clients, Kevin can be found travelling the world, competing in triathlons or sampling the latest craft beers.  Kevin is currently planning his own wedding for August of 2019.

Kevin Langman

Kevin Langman

Chief Financial Rebel at Finovo
Level 1 Certified in Financial Planning – FPSC

Russ Dyck

Russ Dyck

Chief Financial Innovator at Finovo
Certified in Financial Planning – FPSC

Russ is one of those odd balls who loves numbers, spreadsheets, and dungeons & dragons! “Good things come in threes,” he says! Russ is also a husband and a father to a very happy three year-old and a new baby.  After a bad experience with a financial advisor in College, he knew there had to be a better way to help people with their money which led him into a career in financial planning.


Check Out What Some of our Clients Have Been Saying…


“Very friendly and easy to talk to. Had a great experience discussing my financial plan. Would highly recommend.”

– Merima Prijic


“I have had a number of meetings with Kevin and his knowledge, skill, and advice is second to none.”  

– Michael Montgomery


”True professionals! They are not judgemental about your financial situation and will do their best to find a solution that fits your needs. I would recommend them to anyone.”  

– Jameela Ghann


“They have been amazing at helping us understand easy ways we can save money and pay down debt. Above all, we feel more in control of our financial future after every meeting. Would highly recommend Finovo for anyone looking to cut through the chaos that comes with getting your finances in order.”  

– Sean Young


“Helped my fiancée and I decipher our current financials and gave us some insight into our investments and the fees we actually pay. Friendly, professional, and knowledgeable!”  

– Jay Bilyk


“They give valuable unbiased information about the world of finances which is a scary subject but they simplified it and made it so I could understand everything.”  

– Ben Kapinga


“I’ve continued to have great experiences with Kevin over the last year or so with him helping me with financial advice. He is very professional and knowledgeable and isn’t afraid to give me “real” advice that is the best for me.”  

– Leah Semel


“What a refreshing look at a kind of scary topic. Thanks for simplifying the personal finances discussion, and sharing ideas for improving my portfolio.”  

– Colleen Obleman


“They helped me better understand my personal finances, educated on saving and investment tips, and explained everything in an easy/understandable way.”  

– David He

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Not taking action is a huge risk.

Do something to get on track.

Book your first meeting and let us help you remove the financial stress from planning your wedding.

Featuring a Satisfaction Guarantee:


It’s simple: If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the results you are seeing within the first 30 Days, you just have to let us know and you get a 100% refund.

We’ll even schedule a free coaching session to be sure you get results. Why? Because we care about helping you make the most of your big day!

If you choose to work with us, you WILL find that the financial stress related to your wedding planning is reduced and you WILL feel much more comfortable.

Stop doing trying to learn from blogs and relatives with generic, sugar-coated advice.

Receive advice that is customized for YOU.

This program was designed based on our own experiences and those of many of our clients.

Other options open to you?

  • You could hire a financial advisor to help you with your money, but they usually require you have over $100,000 in investments…

  • You could go to your local bank teller for advice, and they will guide you into buying whichever product meets their manager’s sales goals…

  • You could read dozens of books and financial blog posts, wasting precious time while picking up things that only sort-of apply to your situation…

While some of these could help you over time, they just don’t help you RIGHT NOW!

Plus, none of them come with a guarantee to help you or get your money back.

No bullshit financial advice for those unwilling to settle for an ordinary life.