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What is Finovo?

Founded by Russ Dyck & Kevin Langman, Finovo is a new kind of financial planning business. We are focused on delivering direct, personalized, comprehensive and unbiased financial advice to those unwilling to settle for an ordinary life.

If you choose to work with Finovo you will experience truly personalized service, leaving you knowing we care about your finances as much as you do. Sure it is easy to say that, but a quick read through some of our testimonials will show that we do truly listen to our clients and work with them on their concerns.

Far too often in our experience younger clients are brushed aside by the financial services industry due to “not enough investable assets”, “too much debt” or “can’t afford our financial product premiums.” One of our founding principles is we will never turn someone away. We will find a solution for your unique situation even if that means referring you to another service provider who is a better fit, we will always do the best we can to help.

Along with individuals, we are also pleased to work with small and medium sized businesses. Financial stress among employees is a huge drain on productivity in organizations and can lead to an unhealthy environment. Through working with our business clients to help improve the financial lives of their employees, we can, by extension, improve the performance and culture of the company. We believe that in today’s world, simply providing an RRSP program is not good enough. To attract and retain top talent, employers need to offer more, and we believe the financial planning services, educational workshops and ongoing support Finovo can provide will help give our business clients that edge.

We are always happy to chat over a coffee or a beer, so whether you are looking to take your own financial life to the next level, or you want a better financial option for your employees, please do not hesitate to connect with us.

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