Getting Hitched – Comprehensive Coaching Package




We’ll help you build a personalized plan so you can keep the costs of your big day in check and be ready to combine finances with your new spouse.  Wedding Planning is stressful enough, let us help you relieve some of that burden.

Along with helping you budget for your wedding, we’ll also help you prepare to merge your financial lives together.  We’ll walk you through some of the best practices, review where you are at right now and answer any questions you have.

Our Comprehensive Coaching Package Includes:

  • 30 Minute Discovery Meeting
  • 60 Minute Action Plan Delivery Meeting
  • Bank & Investment Account Reviews
  • Life Insurance Review
  • Customizable Wedding Budgeting Tools
  • Vendor Negotiation Tips & Strategies
  • Money Mindset Analysis
  • Joining Your Finances & Goal Planning Session