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What is a Financial Coach?

So what is a Financial Coach?

Financial Coaches are like Personal Trainers for your finances. We focus on helping you change the habits and behaviors that are holding you back from achieving your financial goals and dreams. Ultimately it is the daily actions, thoughts and habits around your money that will make or break your chances of success, so we make sure you get them as optimized as possible. This could include:

  • Reviewing past financial stumbles and determining how to prevent them from happening again.
  • Helping you get crystal clear on your goals and developing simple, easy to understand action plans to achieve them.
  • Identifying and changing limiting beliefs that are holding you back from making the changes you want.
  • Providing ongoing support and accountability as you make changes and improvements.

We don’t sell or earn any commissions from financial products, investments or insurance. We charge a transparent fee and provide completely unbiased advice that is RIGHT FOR YOU.

You know WHAT you should be doing, we show you HOW to do it

Pretty much everyone knows that if they could just spend less and save more, their financial problems would go away. Unfortunately as emotional beings, we pretty much all struggle with taking the logical course of action and making these required changes. It doesn’t help that our industry likes to make things sound super complicated and confusing, preferring to just charge exorbitant fees to do things for you instead of teaching you how to take care of yourself and helping you make lasting changes that stick.

As your trusted Financial Coach, we will be by your side every step of the way, showing you how to make the required changes, and providing much needed support and accountability. When you stumble (everybody makes mistakes, and that’s ok!), we will be there with a helping and non-judgemental hand to help you get back on track. Change takes time!

How are you different from a Financial Advisor?

Financial Advisor is one of the most commonly used titles by people who provide financial advice in Canada, it is also one of the most abused and misunderstood. We’d like to end that confusion right now.

Did you know that in Canada, the title financial advisor is completely unregulated? Anyone can call themselves that, and they are under no obligation to sell products or provide advice that is truly best for you, so many don’t, lining their pockets along the way.

As fee-only Financial Coaches we do not sell any financial products, we stick strictly to providing advice and helping you make the changes you need to achieve your goals. When there is a need to refer clients for investment or insurance advice, we will do that, but only to companies we truly trust and have personally vetted.

But I don’t like talking about money…

Money is a pretty taboo subject among many people, far too many people in our opinion, and most end up learn through the school of hard knocks. Like it or not, our society is built around money, and if you don’t ask for help, your never going to find those improvements you are looking for.

As Financial Coaches we operate in a 100% judgement free zone. We have helped many people overcome a wide range of financial challenges, so we have seen it all. What’s done is done, there is no use crying over spilt milk or analyzing what could have been done differently. We don’t judge, we just help you move forward and make that change from a place of compassion and understanding.

What are some common challenges we help people with?

  • Getting spending under control and implementing a SIMPLE budgeting method (it’s literally only four lines).
  • Developing and sticking to debt repayment plans.
  • Designing plans to save for major purchases or life events like getting married, buying a house or starting a family.
  • Maximizing the use of employer benefits and savings programs.
  • Building up financial self confidence.
  • Helping set up a Education Fund to ensure there’s money available for a child’s future tuition .

Money doesn’t have to be hard

There is a multi trillion dollar financial services industry in Canada that is built around trying to keep the average person like you in the dark about money. We firmly believe that money doesn’t have to be hard, and that with a little help and support anyone can achieve the financial success they dream of.

Where do I start?

If you are interested in exploring how you could benefit from financial coaching with Finovo, the easiest thing to do is schedule a no-obligation initial conversation with us. As the old Chinese proverb goes, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

If you’d like some additional support with making a change, please setup an initial connection meeting with us and learn more about how Finovo can help you get better control of your finances.

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