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We see the same concerns from people who come to us for financial coaching: they are interested in starting a family and want to get their financial situation in order, they feel like no matter what they do, they can’t get ahead, or the bills keep adding up along with the stress. Finovo is here to help.

Think of us as your money strategists.

Our mission and passion is to identify the main problem or challenge you are facing and then outline the solution. We will provide you with clear and aligned actions and behaviours – all with a focus on achieving your personal financial goals. Sometimes that plan is all a person like yourself needs, and yet others could use extra motivation and help, so we follow through every step of the way.

You can feel more confident with your money and get a handle on where your paycheques are going in order to start saving toward that big bucket list item on your wish list.

If you want all of these things, you are ready to get your Financial Situation in Focus.

We feel more in control of our financial future after every meeting. Would highly recommend Finovo for anyone looking to cut through the chaos that comes with getting your finances in order. Sean Young

Communications Specialist

The Focused Financial Coaching Session
  • Organize your expenses so there’s no more surprises
  • Create strategies for bill paying that’s quick and easy
  • Design a savings strategy that leaves you feeling secure
  • Tackle your debt and design a debt payoff strategy
  • Gain control of your money. Stop winging it and create a plan.
  • Identify key challenges and priorities
  • Discover strengths and solutions​
  • Learn the first steps needed to achieve financial clarity and confidence

Session Length: 2 Hours

In the Focused Financial Session, we deliver a personalized plan with your goals and priorities in mind. We balance how you’ve spent money in the past with what you want to do with your money going forward. We design a plan that sets you up for success then we discuss how best to execute the plan – what steps you need to take and when! Imagine how much you could save or throw toward debt if you had a plan!

What are Finovo’s Client’s Saying?

What a refreshing look at a kind of scary topic. Thanks for simplifying the personal finances discussion, and sharing ideas for improving my portfolio.

Colleen Obleman

They helped me better understand my personal finances, educated on saving and investment tips, and explained everything in an easy/understandable way. If you need help, want guidance, or looking to how to better your finances, Russ and Kevin are your guys. David He

They helped my fiancée and I decipher our current financials and gave us some insight into our investments and the fees we actually pay. Friendly, professional, and knowledgeable! Thanks guys! Jay Bilyk

Ready to get some focus on your money?

Call us today at (888) 573-9995 to schedule your Focused Financial Session. Or you can click here to schedule online.


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