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1 in 3 employees are distracted by personal financial issues at work.

When your employees are stressed out about their household finances, the stress doesn’t disappear when they come into the office. Research shows that an average of 3 hours per employee per week are lost due to financial worries in the workplace. That adds up. In fact, it costs an average of $4,500 per year for each employee stressing about money.

Reducing financial anxiety makes people more productive (and happier).

It’s hard to motivate your best employees when all they can think of is their mounting debt and never having enough money in the bank. There are times you might be left scratching your head when an employee leaves your company to work at a competitor for $1/hour more to “take hold” of their financial situation.

The typical response might be pay raises, year-end bonuses or even installing a foosball table. But “more money” doesn’t actually address the behaviours that cause financial stress and anxiety. At Finovo we help people become financially stable so they can be more productive at work and have more money to spend on things that make them happy.

We’re here to take the work off your plate so you don’t have to worry about it. We focus less on investments and more on building your employee’s personal financial behaviours and knowledge.

Get started with Finovo’s 3-Step Financial Wellness Program:

Raise the financial literacy baseline.

Too many people spend more time thinking about where to go for lunch than how to save for the future.

Implement behavioural techniques around money.

Financial success is 80% behaviour.

Access local advisors for one-on-one support.

Our advice is local and personal, not from a call centre in Ontario.

Equip your business and your people to thrive in uncertain financial times.

It’s no surprise that employees are stressed about money when there’s no such thing as a financial safety net anymore. Between traditional pensions and retirement savings going by the wayside and whatever economic crisis is hitting the headlines, it’s tempting to just “weather the storm” and hope things get better.

Improving financial wellness is something you can do today that better equips both your business and your employees for the future.


Reduce employee stress in your workplace


Increase productivity during working hours.


Help keep your employees focused on results.


Support your people when dealing with money issues.


Retain the best people for your business.


Be seen as a progressive employer.

We offer unbiased, sleaze-free advice with no commissions.

There’s no shortage of financial advisors and companies who are great at signing people up for high fee products, but who fall short at really helping employees become more financially secure. That’s where Finovo comes in.

We believe that people live happier lives when they are more in control of their money. We promise to provide support and education. The biased, commission obsessed, one-and-done financial salesperson-type? You won’t see any of that here.

You can read more about Kevin and Russ here.

This is why Calgarians are choosing Finovo:

“Russ and Kevin are a wealth of knowledge. They helped me better understand my personal finances, educated on saving and investment tips, and explained everything in an easy/understandable way. If you need help, want guidance, or looking to how to better your finances, Russ and Kevin are your guys.

– David He

“I had the opportunity of meeting Russ and Kevin yesterday. What a refreshing look at a kind of scary topic. Thanks for simplifying the personal finances discussion, and sharing ideas for improving my portfolio.

– Colleen Obleman

“I own a startup business and had no idea what I was doing with my personal finances until I chatted with Kevin & Russ.”

– Lindsay MacNevin

“Russ’ wealth of knowledge and professionalism wowed me, but not once did he judge me for being overly distressed about my financial situation.”

– Michelle B

“I’ve worked with Kevin for two years and I can recommend Kevin as someone to talk to who will listen and deal with your specific needs, not try to force you into a general box.”

– Mark B

Be the company that people don’t want to leave.

Let’s build you a personalized financial wellness program that helps you retain your best employees.

We promise to get back to you within 24 hours to continue the conversation.

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